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Vast Selection of Contemporary Diamond Rings

At WeddingBands.com we have an excessive collection of contemporary rings for any style and occasion. We offer classic diamond rings as well as contemporary designer bands. For momentous occasions such as a proposal or wedding, you can browse our collection of diamond wedding rings to choose one that will seal and symbolize your love.

Pick a ring to grace your woman

Jewelry remains one of the most favorite and appropriate gifts for centuries. Look no further than WeddingBands.com to purchase a diamond band. In our online jewelry shop, you can find something truly special. A band is a visual expression of a character and style preferences.

Follow our three simple steps to find an ideal ring

  • Single out a design. Modern, Classic, One-of-a-kind, Vintage? Choose one that will be completely hers.
  • Choose a metal. Yellow or White Gold?
  • Decide what gem settings will suit the ring of your dream. They can be as follows - prongs (claws), bezel, and channel.
  • Note, prongs are standard for engagement rings. The diamond stays raised above the ring, but you have to check them regularly and to tighten up if needed. The bezel is the oldest way to fix a gemstone. It resembles a collar surrounding stone. Channel settings are the most elegant one. The stones are well-fixed, and the metal doesn't separate the gems. But the rings with channel settings are hard to widen.

    Pure diamonds only

    Top-graded diamonds are encrusted in our diamond rings designed for contemporary women. Thanks to the precise cut and an innovative CNC technology diamonds are twinkling and glittering all the time. WeddingBands.com offers an-out-of-the-ordinary possibility to manufacture a band from your sketch. Just send it to our email CustomerService@WeddingBands.com or consult with our jewelry specialist at (888) 422-4333 to make a right choice.

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