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How To Measure The Size Of Wedding Band?   |   10 Apr 2018  |   by John
How to Correctly Read Size of a Wedding Band style=How to Correctly Read Size of a Wedding Band

There are many tables showing the size conversion of a ring from one country to the other country standard measurements but very few publications showing how to measure a finger size correctly. Many jewelers are measuring the size of the wedding bands inco   -   Read more about: How to Correctly measure the size of a Wedding Band

Spring is coming - Love is in the Air.   |   20 Feb 2017  |   by Amanda

Though most weddings tend to be in the fall or summer months, there is nothing better than a perfect springtime wedding. The air is fresh, the grass newly green; if you’ve always wanted a spring wedding look no further. Here is a guide to the perfect spring wedding!   -   Read more about: Guide to the Perfect Spring Wedding

Fashion, Style, Design: Ladies Wedding Band Styles   |   17 Jan 2017  |   by Amanda
Diamond Fashion Ring style=Diamond Fashion Ring

If you are looking for the perfect wedding band to go with your engagement ring, here are a few popular styles we have seen lately for women.   -   Read more about: Popular Ladies Wedding Band Styles

Anniversary Love with Timeless Gemstones.   |   5 Jan 2017  |   by Amanda
Amethyst Heart Necklace style=Amethyst Heart Necklace

A fool-proof guide to the different stones used for each different anniversary milestone. Use this to celebrate your continuous love!   -   Read more about: Keep your marriage alive - remember your anniverary.

Why it is special to be BLUE!   |   13 Sep 2016  |   by Edessa
Blue Sapphire Gems style=Blue Sapphire Gems

Did you know blue is the most common favorite color in the world for both men and women? It's no wonder people love sapphires. This beautiful gemstone has always played a role in history. In Ancient Rome & Greece, it was believed those who have worn this stone were protected from envy & harm.   -   Read more about: Let's Explore: The Beautiful Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Finialize your ring - choosing your match.   |   10 Aug 2016  |   by Edessa
Halo Engagement Ring and Matching Band style=Halo Engagement Ring and Matching Band

You have the engagement ring. It was all that you imagined. He got the perfect ring. Now, it's time to find a matching diamond ring. In the past, it was customary to get a band that match exactly your engagement ring or your future husbands wedding ring.   -   Read more about: 4 Diamond Rings That Compliment Any Engagement Ring Design

This years Top Trends in Rings - 2016.   |   29 Jul 2016  |   by Hanna
Platinum Black Diamonds style=Platinum Black Diamonds

Every year millions of couples plan their weddings and the start of the rest of their lives. Whether you are searching for a classic, diamond ring, or a piece of contemporary art to occupy your ring finger...   -   Read more about: The Top 5 Trends for 2016 Wedding Bands

Eight (8) High Class Thrify Tips.   |   20 Jul 2016  |   by Hanna

It is said a wedding band has no beginning or end, which represents the boundless love and devotion that a marriage provides. Your wedding band is the emblem of love you show to the world and something you will wear for the rest of your love. With such massive responsibility tasked to a tiny ring, it is no wonder shopping for the perfect ring can be stressful for bride and groom.   -   Read more about: 8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Band

Lab Grown or Natural - Is there a difference.   |   30 Jun 2016  |   by Hanna

As long as the lab grown diamonds can be identified their value will never be the same as rare natural diamonds.   -   Read more about: Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds

Irish Love - Wearing of the Green in your Heart and Soul   |   25 May 2016  |   by Edessa

It is not difficult to find classic wedding rings. But it is difficult to find the perfect ring that your partner loves and appreciates.   -   Read more about: 4 Types of classic wedding rings having the 'Celtic' touch

Why Milgrain will always be a Man's Classic Choice.   |   30 May 2016  |   by Edessa
Double Milgrain Wedding Band style=Double Milgrain Wedding Band

Shopping for wedding bands is on the top of the list for engaged couples. They spend days, weeks and even months searching for the perfect bands to exchange at the altar.   -   Read more about: All That You Wanted To Know About Milgrain Wedding Band

How to get the Anniversary Band you always dreamed about!   |   7 Jun 2016  |   by Edessa

Renewing vows is a popular trend for couples who want to celebrate their anniversary in a special way. Another popular trend is to exchange anniversary bands, to commemorate the years spent together.   -   Read more about: How to order special anniversary bands?

New - Tarnish Resistant Silver.   |   16 May 2013  |   by Angelo

Wedding Bands started introducing their wedding bands in tarnish resistant silver and palladium in addition to 14K, 18K white and yellow gold, titanium and platinum or combinations of these precious metals.   -   Read more about: Tarnish Resistant Silver and Palladium

Latest Medical Monitoring Devices   |   15 Sep 2012  |   by Hanna
Health Monitor Sensor style=Health Monitor Sensor

What could better than jewelry, like a diamond wedding ring with medical sensors to wear 24 hours a day to let these medical advancements to be completed?   -   Read more about: High Tech Jewelry will be Monitoring Your Health Soon!

Ring size Calculator App for You.   |   24 Jul 2012  |   by Michael

The ring size calculator-convertor application takes into account American, Japanese, British, French, German, and Swiss sizes.   -   Read more about: New Ring Sizing Converter and Calculator Application

Featured: Mens' and Womens' Section.   |   7 Jul 2012  |   by Michael

July 6th, 2012, Burnsville, MN-, releases two new categories making product browsing easier. The online retailer for wedding rings added the sections Men’s Wedding Bands and Women’s Wedding Bands today.   -   Read more about: adds a Men's and Women's Section

Six (6) Money Saving Ideas for Wedding Rings.   |   7 Jul 2012  |   by Michael

It is said a wedding band has no beginning or end, which represents the boundless love and devotion that a marriage provides. With such massive responsibility tasked to a tiny ring, it's no wonder shopping for the perfect ring can be stressful for bride and groom.   -   Read more about: 6 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Ring

Our Larger Selection means More Choice for you!   |   16 May 2012  |   by Michael

Burnsville, MN based announces the launch of a new diamond anniversary and eternity rings collection. The new collection is made up of larger more expensive pieces due to rising demand of jewelry with a larger total carat diamond weight.   -   Read more about: Larger Diamond Anniversary Rings and Eternity Bands. Now MOBILE!   |   1 May 2012  |   by Michael

Guests can browse's mobile site from any mobile browser. The mobile site is a fully functional version of the Wedding Bands' e-commerce website. Customers can make quick, easy, and secure wedding bands purchases using their credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout account.   -   Read more about: launches new mobile website.

New Romeo-Juliet Wedding Bands.   |   30 Apr 2012  |   by Hanna

A new line of unique designs wedding bands has been launched on The new line is called Romeo-Juliet wedding bands. These wedding rings are available in 14K, 18K white yellow or rose gold, palladium, platinum or combinations of these precious metals.   -   Read more about: New Romeo-Juliet Wedding Bands Line on

Diamonds in in your back yard?   |   8 Feb 2012  |   by Edessa

A diamond found in Arkansas Park was appraised at $21,000 and one of the most valuable diamonds discovered in the park the past 3 years. Last March, Melissa and Kenny Oliver uncovered a diamond weighing about 2.44 carats in Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.   -   Read more about: Diamond unearthed in Arkansas Park

Kingdom of Asante - for that special Taste.   |   26 Jan 2012  |   by Edessa

Jewelry making is one of the oldest crafts in the world and forms of decorative art. There are more than 7000 years worth of jewelry history spanning from great empires, royal families, and jewelry found from all over the world. I've decided it would be fun to post snippets about jewelry pieces from the past. First stop, the Kingdom of Asante.   -   Read more about: Blast from the Past: Ring from the Kingdom of Asante

How about this Stone?   |   25 Jan 2012  |   by Edessa

Recently, an Emerald colored gemstone considered to be the world's largest emerald cut is set to be auctioned in Canada by Kelowna-based Western Star. Reagan Reaney is the owner of the stone.   -   Read more about: 57,000 Carat Emerald Being Auctioned on Jan. 28th

Heart Break - Engaged!   |   4 Jan 2012  |   by Edessa

Over the New Year's weekend, Mario Lopez proposed to his long time girlfriend and mother of his 2- year old daughter, Courtney Mazza. They were vacationing in Ixtapa, Mexico. According to Us Weekly, Lopez and Mazza were walking on the beach while sunset and wanted his children to have the same last name as their mother.   -   Read more about: Mario Lopez Gets Engaged!

Special Proposal - BIG time   |   4 Jan 2012  |   by Edessa

A young man proposed to his girlfriend at the UCLA-Richmond game in December during the Kiss-Cam. Some believe it was a set up while others say it was definitely real. The outcome of the proposal...   -   Read more about: UCLA Marriage Proposal Fail on Jumbo Screen

Christmas - one of the best times to get Engaged!   |   27 Dec 2011  |   by Edessa

As we mentioned yesterday, many people get engaged over the holidays and it looks like another celeb got engaged during Christmas. John Legend is now off the market.   -   Read more about: John Legend Engaged Over Christmas

Wedding Bell Alert!   |   26 Dec 2011  |   by Edessa

The Christmas and Holiday seasons is wonderful time to get together with family and enjoy the company of each other. Another common part of the holidays is proposals and weddings. A great time to get engaged with the one you love with family surrounded. Matthew McConaughey did just that yesterday on Christmas.   -   Read more about: Matthew McConaughey gets engaged to Camila Alves!

Wedding Bells! Not just another song.   |   22 Dec 2011  |   by Edessa

Over the weekend, pop star Britney Spears got engaged to former manager Jason Trawick. They got engaged over a nice private dinner for Trawick's 40th birthday. We just want to congratulate the pop princess on her new found love. We hope it lasts this time!   -   Read more about: Britney Spears and Jason Trawick are Engaged!

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