Jewelry Articles - about Diamonds, Saphires and Emeralds

Jewelry Articles

  • Diamond Articles

    Diamonds have a vast history with an unbelievable mythology and symbolism. The history of diamonds date back

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  • Sapphires, Rubies, & Emeralds

    Sapphire, Rubies, & Emeralds have been used in wedding rings and bands. Learn more about the history and facts of these semi-precious gemstones.

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  • Precious Metals

    From Gold to Platinum, there are a few types of precious metals. Understanding the history and facts about these precious metals are important when buying a wedding ring.

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  • Ring Sizes & Ring Sizing

    Knowing the correct size when buying a wedding ring, anniversary ring, or any type of band is important. There is more information about ring sizes, both for the U.S. and international. Plus, how to fit a wedding ring.

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  • Alternative Metals

    Alternative metals is a supplement to wedding rings made with precious metals. There are a few out in the market used for wedding bands.

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  • History of Wedding Bands

    Wedding bands and engagement rings have been used in history for thousands and thousands of years to symbolize marriage. It has such a colorful history.

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