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Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands.

Our diamond engagement rings and bands are manufactured using the finest quality of precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. WeddingBands.com manufactures the diamond wedding bands and rings with gold, platinum, palladium and/or combination of these metals. Our platinum anniversary rings and eternity rings are manufactured with 95% platinum. The diamonds used in our wedding rings are all calibrated to give the maximum brilliancy and fire.

WeddingBands displays hundreds of women's and men's diamond wedding bands of exceptional originality and spirit. From the Romeo-Juliet Verona Lace line to simple diamond band and eternity rings all unique designer collections. Most of the rings are manufactured using the latest CNC machining technology. Using the technology in the service of human imagination is what created our anniversary and eternity rings.

Verona Lace rings reflect the historical, social and cultural art and imagination. They reflect the Renaissance art and detail work. The Royal Duet Diamond Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings succeed the impossible in manufacturing of wedding bands using state of art CNC technology and AutoCAD designs. They are simply the crowning achievement of the master jeweler's art.

You can customize your diamond wedding ring simply by emailing us your sketches to CustomerService@WeddingBands.com or calling us at (888) 422-4333.