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You'll find dozens of fabulous designer wedding rings from the leading artists - Gelin Abaci, Stuller, Benchmark, Verona Lace, Edessa, Michael J. Royal Duet, Mars Jewelry collection, Mardini, Jacob K. and many others. The pieces of jewelry that are entirely yours. Our unique designer engagement rings won't leave your love of the life unfazed. You can choose from modern, vintage, and classic wedding ring designs available in gold, platinum, and palladium.

Explore our collection of unique designer engagement rings to find something truly special. The hand-crafted jewelry is as timeless as your love. All items are handcrafted with the assiduous attention to every detail. The one-of-a-kind jewelry represents your unique and endless passion. And the dazzling wedding ring designs will make her shine in now and always. With our vast selection, you'll find the luxury look that comprises both love and eternity. Moreover, unique designer engagement rings will savor the special moment.

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    One thing in common between the designer wedding rings is they are manufactured from the finest quality precious metals, diamonds, and precious gems. The diamonds used in WeddingBands.com's jewelry are cut to finest proportions for the best brilliance. They are graded as colorless to near colorless (minimum G-H in color) and VS in clarity. GIA and AGS certify all the diamonds larger than 0.50ct.

    We offer over 7,000 unique designer engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity bands, and anniversary rings. The only limit is your imagination, and if you do not see what you are looking for, we can always make a custom ring. Just call or email us and talk to a GIA certified jewelry professional.

    If you have any further questions please call us at (888) 422-4333 or email us at CustomerService@WeddingBands.com to speak to one of our many expert jewelers on staff. Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/weddingbandscom or follow us on Twitter@weddingbandscom.