Famous Diamonds

The Darya-I-Nur Diamond

Just like the Koh-I-Nur diamond, the Darya-I-Nur diamond was mined in the Gonlconda mines in India. Darya-I-Nur means "sea of light" or "ocean of light". It is one of the largest and most remarkable gems in the Crown Jewels of Iran and one of the spoils of Persia's attack in 1739. The Darya I Nur Diamond

The weight of the diamond is approximately 182 carats; somewhere between 175 to 195 carats. It is a flawless, transparent pink stone; which was passed on through the generations. Set in a gold frame with other diamonds, topped by a crown bearing lions with ruby eyes, and holding scimitars; this gem was last worn by the last Shaw for his coronation in 1967. View More