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Don't measure your ring wrong - learn the right way here! --10 Apr 2018
There are many tables showing the size conversion of a ring from one country to the other country standard measurements but very few publications showing how to measure a finger size correctly. Many jewelers are measuring the size of the wedding bands inco

Guide to the Perfect Spring Wedding --20 Feb 2017
Though most weddings tend to be in the fall or summer months, there is nothing better than a perfect springtime wedding. The air is fresh, the grass newly green; if you’ve always wanted a spring wedding look no further. Here is a guide to the perfect spring wedding!

Ladies have spoken - Popular Wedding Band Styles --17 Jan 2017
If you are looking for the perfect wedding band to go with your engagement ring, here are a few popular styles we have seen lately for women.

Gemstones for each Anniversary --5 Jan 2017
A fool-proof guide to the different stones used for each different anniversary milestone. Use this to celebrate your continuous love!

Let's Explore: The Beautiful Sapphire Gemstone. --13 Sep 2016
Did you know blue is the most common favorite color in the world for both men and women? It's no wonder people love sapphires. This beautiful gemstone has always played a role in history. In Ancient Rome & Greece, it was believed those who have worn this stone were protected from envy & harm.

4 Diamond Rings That Compliment Any Engagement Ring. --10 Aug 2016
You have the engagement ring. It was all that you imagined. He got the perfect ring. Now, it's time to find a matching diamond ring. In the past, it was customary to get a band that match exactly your engagement ring or your future husbands wedding ring.

The Top 5 Trends for 2016 Bands. --29 Jul 2016
Every year millions of couples plan their weddings and the start of the rest of their lives. Whether you are searching for a classic, diamond ring, or a piece of contemporary art to occupy your ring finger...

8 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Band. --20 Jul 2016
It is said a wedding band has no beginning or end, which represents the boundless love and devotion that a marriage provides. Your wedding band is the emblem of love you show to the world and something you will wear for the rest of your love. With such massive responsibility tasked to a tiny ring, it is no wonder shopping for the perfect ring can be stressful for bride and groom.

Grown Diamonds & Natural Diamonds - Difference? --30 Jun 2016
As long as the lab grown diamonds can be identified their value will never be the same as rare natural diamonds.

4 Types of classic wedding rings having the ‘Celtic’ touch --25 May 2016
It is not difficult to find classic wedding rings. But it is difficult to find the perfect ring that your partner loves and appreciates.