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Gold Wedding Bands

WeddingBands.com gold wedding bands are the pinnacle of precious metal wedding rings. Whether you want 14 karat or 18 karat our rings are manufactured to the highest standards in the world. We back each with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and stand behind a 30-day money back guarantee.

The sophistication and style of a gold wedding band will outlast all trends and fads. One of the oldest precious metals to be fashioned into a wedding ring is gold. We continue the art of manufacturing gold wedding rings.

The purity of gold is expressed in karats (kt), on a scale of 24, or in fineness, on a scale of 1,000. Pure gold is 24 karat, or 1,000 fine. 18K gold wedding band has 75% gold mixed with 25% alloys; it should be stamped as 18K or 750 to show the percentage of the purity. A 14-karat gold wedding band will be stamped 14K, 14kt or 585 to show the purity of the gold in that wedding band.

All gold wedding Bands manufactured by Wedding Bands are solid 14K or solid 18K gold. We do not manufacture gold plated wedding bands.

Gold jewelry is not only beautiful and elegant; it also is classic and radiant. Gold has a natural yellow color that will never tarnish or wear out. If you have any further questions about our gold wedding bands please call us at (888) 422-4333 or email us at CustomerService@WeddingBands.com to speak to one of our many expert jewelers on staff. More