Wedding Bands, Anniversary & Engagement Rings

At WeddingBands, you can buy rings that are artfully crafted to the finest quality, with precious metal or combination of metals of your choice. We manufacture the wedding rings in platinum, palladium, silver, titanium, 14K or 18K (white, yellow or rose) gold or a combination of metals. Our rings are all solid 14K, 18K, palladium, platinum and silver.

Anniversary Rings and Eternity Bands

Anniversary Rings and Eternity Bands The diamonds used in our wedding rings, anniversary rings and eternity bands are minimum VS in clarity and G-H in color. Each diamond is cut to the maximum reflection of light and brilliance.
Our platinum anniversary, eternity bands, and rings are made solid, with 950-platinum (95% platinum and 5% iridium or ruthenium) our palladium are 950-palladium. We give you an opportunity to buy online in the USA made exclusively out of precious metals designed to last a lifetime. All our rings have lifetime warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects.
Fabrication Hand Fabrication - WeddingBands company utilizes the highest quality of precious metals and diamonds to form the basis of all of our men and women wedding rings. Once the basic frame is complete, then blends the intricate hand fashioned components of gold and platinum twists, wires, and braids of graceful center patterns that augment and compliment each design. is a place to buy wedding rings for the happiest day of your life!

Manufacturing with CNC Machines
We utilize the creation of the artisans using CAD-CAM systems and latest high precision CNC machines to manufacture and create unique wedding band both for men and women. we are in an age of physic defying wedding jewelry designs. Part of that progress means more defined and finished lines in wedding ring designs. Look for more elegant carving and etchings throughout wedding rings. It is where science meets art as deco designs with smooth lines make way for evolved ivy and floral etchings in the rings. Simply technology and science meeting with art makes everybody's dream comes alive.

History of Wedding Rings
The circle (wedding band) has always had significance in ancient cultures as a symbol of wholeness and of perfection. Its endlessness is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity without beginning that has no beginning or end. It is also the symbol of the sun, earth and universe, and represents holiness, perfection and peace... More Information

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