Titanium 8mm Wide Comfort Fit Wedding Band

DETAILS Item # X123831TI
Width: 8.0  mm
Fit: Comfort
Height: 2.25   mm
Metal: Titanium
Ships Within: 3 - 5 Business Days
Price: $177.00 USD
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Titanium, 8.0 mm wide, comfort fit plain wedding band. The finish on the ring is polished. Other finishes may be selected or specified.

Also available in:   14kt Gold   14kt Gold   14kt White Gold   14kt White Gold   18kt Gold   18kt Gold   18kt White Gold   18kt White Gold   Palladium   Palladium   Platinum   Platinum

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Based on these factors we calculate an estimated weight around ±5% of the final product.

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Ring Fit
Comfort fit means the edges are rounded on the inside of the ring, where it touches the skin. This allows for the ring to slide on easier.
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We manufacture all our rings by order and do our best to complete all rings within the estimated time frame. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.
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A light, but strong material, titanium has gained popularity in jewelry as an alternative option from gold or platinum.


Cobalt-Chromeium is an alternative metal sturdier than platinum and less expensive. It is not a precious metal and only recently had been introduced as a metal for use in the jewelry industry.


Gold is a precious metal synonymous with jewelry. At Weddingbands.com, we only use solid 14kt or 18kt gold in our products. In jewelry, gold remains the most popular precious metal.

14kt vs. 18kt

The karat rating of gold determines how much of the metal is gold versus alloys. Pieces made from 14kt gold have just over 58% gold, while 18kt gold has 75% gold. Gold is mixes with alloys to produce a sturdy product. 24kt gold or pure gold is easy to bend and damage due to the soft nature of gold.

Our rings come stamped with a rating of 585 for 14kt gold or 750 for 18kt gold.


Palladium is a fairly new precious metal used in jewelry. It was first used in 1939 in jewelry pieces and has since grown in popularity.

Here at WeddingBands.com, only 950-pallaium is used with our jewelry. The rings come stamped with "950 Palladium" on the inside of the ring.


Rhodium is used in jewelry typically as a plating material to produce a "mirrow-like" shine on white gold pieces.


Platinum is the most expensive precious metal available in jewelry. At WeddingBands.com, we use 950 platinum, the finest quality available.

Platinum does not wear away over time which creates the highest quality jewelry. Inside the ring, we stamp our rings as "Plat" or "950 Platinum".

Free Appraisal

An appraisal is a document used to state the current and most updated market value of the jewelry piece. Appraisals are mainly used for insurance purposes. It helps your insurance company know the current value of your jewelry piece to insure it properly. If your jewelry piece is lost, damaged, stolen or any other problems occur; an appraisal helps the insurance company cover the value for replacement.

The appraisal will include information such as weight of the jewelry piece, clarity and color of the diamonds, diamond weight, type of metal, colored gemstone identification, gemological laboratory certificate numbers, a picture of the jewelry piece, and any other detailed information about your jewelry. The more detailed the appraisal the better for you and your insurance company to help cover the loss.

At WeddingBands.com, we are happy to provide an appraisal for any jewelry piece over $1,000.00USD in value. If your jewelry piece is less than $1,000.00USD and you would still like an appraisal, feel free to request one in the "special instructions" box.

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