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Diamond Articles

Origin of Diamonds

Where did the diamonds in the wedding ring and bands come from? Learn about how diamonds are formed and the discovery of diamonds.

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History, Legends, & Myths

Diamonds have a vast history with an unbelievable mythology and symbolism. The history of diamonds date back.

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Composition & Properties

Diamonds are the hardest gemstone known and there are many reasons for the strength of a diamond.

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The 4-Cs

When buying any type of diamond or diamonds, it is very important to know the type of diamond you are purchasing.

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Famous Diamonds

Famous diamonds often have a complex and even controversial histories because of the secrecy that surrounds the stones.

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Fancy Color Diamonds

Reds, blues, yellows, and pinks; diamonds come in all colors and adding color to wedding rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings, and other jewelry pieces.

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